General Information

  • Check in and check out time is at 12pm (Noon). A $10 per hour early check-in or late-check out fee applies for any early check-ins (prior to 12pm) or late check-outs (past 12pm).
  • Rate includes 2 vehicles (one tow/ recreational vehicle & one passenger vehicle.)
  • NO reservations will be placed without full payment. Credit card reservations will be posted to your account at the time the reservation is made. Payments accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Cash. Cash is only accepted for reservations made in person at the time of reservation. We do not accept checks- no exceptions!
  • Holiday stays require a 3-night minimum and must be paid in full to place reservation.
  • Deposits will be refunded, less $25.00 service charge, if cancelled by 11am, 10 nights before the arrival date. No refunds due to weather conditions! No cash refunds! No refunds for no-shows or late cancellations! All refunds are by check and take up to 3-4 weeks for processing.
  • Deposits are non-transferable to another party.

General Rules

  • Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and reserves the right to change reserved sites if necessary.
  • No dumping of gray or black wastewater. You will be removed immediately, with no refund.
  • This is a family campground and quiet time is enforced after 10pm and no undue noise before 8am. You will be removed without a refund if you or your group create a disturbance.
  • Keep your receipt available at your site and your vehicle pass posted in the driver’s side dashboard at all times.
  • All friends and family stopping to drop off a child, a pillow, groceries, stopping by just for dinner, etc. WILL be charged a visitor fee; and sign a visitor pass.
  • Delivery drivers MUST stop by guard or office and check in.
  • Please be responsible and watch your children during your stay. Our employees are taking care of other tasks and cannot be responsible for watching children while they are working.
  • Due to our concern for the safety of children in the park, NO guard dogs of any kind are allowed such as Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and German Shepherds.
  • Pets are welcome on your site but must be on a short leash at all times. Please pick up waste material immediately and dispose of properly. NO pets are allowed in any of the cabins.
  • NO firearms of any kind permitted on the property- even with a conceal and carry permit!
  • DO NOT exceed the speed limit of 5 ½ mph through-out the entire park.
  • No motorcycles allowed past the bottom of the hill! Walk in and out all motorcycles in lower grounds. Motorcycles can be parked in parking lot next to the pool area or at the bottom of the hill. No exceptions!
  • No golf carts, ATVs, power scooters, power bicycles, or any other powered vehicle other than your 2 vehicles registered to your site (car/truck) allowed on the property. No Exceptions!
  • NO trespassing on adjacent private property!
  • DO NOT change your assigned site without approval of the management.
  • DO NOT move fire rings! Fires must be confined to the size of the fire ring.
  • THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. Anyone found destroying/ damaging park property, violating any of the rules listed above, or creating a disturbance will be removed immediately without a refund! We reserve the right to charge for vandalism anywhere on the property.


Happy Acres Kampground is a privately owned campground which means that we reserve the right to refuse service and admittance to any person if actions are deemed malicious, inappropriate, and/or abusive towards staff and other patrons.

This is a family campground with lots of kids and a 10:00pm quiet time.

If a late night party is in your plans, this is not the place for you.

The rules and regulations are made for everybody’s benefit and the protection of the camping facilities.

If you have any questions/comments, please call us at 262-857-7373

Rules PDF