Rules | FAQ's

Happy Acres Kampground is a privately owned campground which means that we reserve the right to refuse service and admittance to any person if actions are deemed malicious, inappropriate, and/or abusive towards staff and other patrons.

This is a family campground with lots of kids and a 10:00pm quiet time.
If a late night party is in your plans, this is not the place for you.

The rules and regulations are made for everybody's benefit and the protection of the camping facilities.

If you have any questions/comments, please call us at 262-857-7373



• Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

This is a family campground and quiet time is enforced after 10pm and no undue noise before 8am. You will be evicted without a refund if you or your group continually create excessive noise after being warned by security.

• Keep your receipt available at your site and your vehicle pass posted in the driver’s side dashboard at all times.

• Due to our concern for the safety of children in the park, NO guard dogs of any kind are allowed such as Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers, Pitbull’s, and German Shepherds.

• Pets are welcome on your site but must be on a short leash at all times. Please pick up waste material immediately and dispose of properly. NO pets are allowed in any of the cabins.

• NO firearms of any kind permitted on the property- even with a conceal and carry permit!

• DO NOT exceed the speed limit of 10mph through-out the entire park.

• No motorcycles allowed at the bottom of the hill! Walk in and out all motorcycles in lower grounds. Motorcycles can be parked in parking lot next to the pool area or at the bottom of the hill. No exceptions!

• NO trespassing on adjacent private property!

• DO NOT change your assigned site without approval of the management.

• DO NOT move fire rings! Fires must be confined to the size of the fire ring.

• OUTSIDE FIREWOOD IS NOT ALLOWED due to the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer bug in our trees. NO burning of skids or other large items. Bundles of firewood can be purchased at the office.

• THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. Anyone found destroying/ damaging park property, violating any of the rules listed above, or causing disorderly conduct will be evicted immediately without a refund! We reserve the right to charge for vandalism anywhere on the property.


Q. "My question is this, we have four very well behaved children but have kind of "grown out" of our pop-up. Would you have any objection to the placement of a small dome tent on our site (kind of like an extra bedroom) for our two oldest daughters?"
A. Sorry! We only allow "one" tent or camping unit per site. You could try to reserve the site next to yours to accomodate your children or try to make room in your camping unit for them.

Q. My sister and I want to take our kids camping using only one camper. Do we have to get 2 separate sites?
A. Our policy states that each site is available for two adults and four children. If you have an adult friend also come with and she has kids, under 18, then the third adult on the site would pay $15.00 overnight fee and $3.00 per child (Ages 17-3).

Q. "Hi, this is Bob Jones from Racine. A bunch of us went to Parkside together this Spring, and we're looking for a place to camp to celebrate the end of the school year."
A. We are a "Family Campground" and prefer not to cater to groups. While we understand that the Parkside students are probably very nice people, they would be camping for an entirely different experience than most families are looking for.

Q. "I would like to reserve 8 regular sites for next weekend for my card club."
A. Okay, but the rules still apply. One family per site. If your plan is to have a group of say 12 families camp together on a total of 8 sites, it won't work! Each family must be registered separately and their site of record should be accurate. Each site holder must also check-in before occupying the site. When making reservations for a group, you must have all names, addresses, phone numbers, and number of adults/ children, for each site. A one night deposit is required for each site you reserve. Please see our deposits/refunds page for more information. Groups that are camping often have a tendency to forget that other people are camping nearby, and for some reason choose to ignore the 10:00pm quiet time. Be sure that your group is very aware of it. Everybody else pays the same as you.

Q. "What time do you close? My husband doesn't get home from work until 11:00PM, so we can't get there before 1:00AM".
A. Please call the office at 262-857-7373- they will address your situation and give you instructions at that time.

Q. "What is the Check-in time?
A. For everything, the check in time is 12:00PM (noon) if available, because the check out time is 12:00PM, so if there is somebody on the site you may have to wait until they leave. This is usually not a problem, but you can call ahead if this is a concern.

Q. "We can't get there before 10PM on Friday, so we would like to check in around 9AM on Saturday"
A. Our check-in time is Noon. You may arrive earlier if your site is available, but you will be charged $5.00 for each hour you are early. Our staffing is geared to the Noon arrival time. The charge is to help discourage early arrivals.

Q. "My Wife is bringing the kids, and tents up this afternoon, but I will drive up later. Is there a problem with the second vehicle?
A. Not at all. The rate includes one tow or passenger vehicle, and one RV. More vehicles cargo trailers may be charged $5.00 per day. Please try to arrive before 10:00PM, and be very quiet. You are still required to check-in at the office and obtain a vehicle tag.

Q. "Are alcoholic beverages permitted? Do you sell beer in your store?"
A. Legal intoxicants are tolerated throughout the grounds. You must bring it with you. However, we do not have a license to sell any beer or cigarettes. It is up to the campsite patron to control his/her campers behavior. We will not tolerate loud, lewd, or otherwise foul behavior. The legal drinking age in Wisconsin is 21. We are watchful of this.

Q. "What do you have available in your store?"
A. We carry an array of hot foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza (which we can cook for you!) We have deep-fried foods like fries, poppers, onion rings... Firewood, bagged ice, batteries, charcoal. There is a large selection of Ice Cream and Frozen Treats, Soft Drinks, and Candy. We also stock a number of grocery items- the kind of things you forget or didn't have quite enough of (at convenience prices.) An assortment of clothing, beach toys, RV supplies, Gifts, and Souvenirs are also available. We even have Hot Coffee available at 9:00AM daily.

Q. "Do you have golf-cart rentals? Can we bring our own ATV, scooters, or kayaks?"
A. Sorry but we cannot allow anyone to bring in their ATVs, scooters, golf-carts, etc. due to our insurance policy. We do not want to be responsible for any injuries that could result. Our insurance does not allow us to rent the golf-carts out to anyone other than our employees. We understand other campgrounds have this, but it isn't worth the hassle for us.

If you experience a problem with a neighboring camper or have any problems with violations of these rules, please don't hesitate to bring it to the attention of any staff members. Your anonymity will be protected. After-hour problems should be reported by phone to the campground number 262-857-7373 or "flag down" the security patrolman.