OPENING DAY: Fri April 28th, 2017

Located between Milwaukee and Chicago

We Accept



Family Owned & Operated since 1970
Our mission is to create a great family camping experience for you!


Before you come camping, be sure you:


  • $20/ each for regular weekends
  • $30/ each for holiday weekends
  • Can be purchased during check-in or
    prepaid when you make your reservation
  • All inclusive for entire weekend
  • No Refunds on Wristbands
  • Time limits still apply
  • Click Here for Happy Zone Rate Sheet

    *HOURS: Friday 4pm-7pm
                  Saturday 11am-7pm
                  Sunday 10am-2pm

    *NOTICE: Please note that we reserve the right to change hours of operation at any time. On holiday weekends the Happy Zone will be open the following Monday as well. During the weekdays, only the 4-person pedal boat, pedal cars, and aqua cycle can be rented out. Our main priority is safety so we require that everyone, no matter what age, wears a life jacket and keeps it on at all times while using any of our pedal boats, kayaks, and/or bumper boats. We reserve the right to evict you off our equipment if the rules are not followed. Thank you for your cooperation.